‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

At the beginning of this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we find Porsha in the recording studio. Yes, seriously. Apparently her role in Kandi’s play, A Mother’s Love, has inspired her to take advantage of the “natural gifts” she has. The song she’s recording, “Perfectly Worthless,” is about her relationship and divorce with former NFL star Kordell Stewart.

Kandi drops in and Porsha takes five and reveals she almost didn’t come to practice for Kandi’s musical. Umm…way to be professional! Kandi reads Porsha an email from one of her people about Porsha’s (lack of) attendance. And Porsha says Kandi’s “people” to communicate…come to find out Porsha’s team is really to blame for this mishap. #Fail

NeNe Does NYC

Elsewhere in Atlanta, NeNe is meeting with her manager, Peter, about her new clothing line with the Home Shopping Network. Just because The New Normal was canceled, doesn’t mean NeNe’s been resting on her laurels. There are also a few scripts Peter wants her to check out after she passed on a role in John Stamos’ new show and Mr. Box Office with Bill Bellamy.

NeNe, ever the diva, wants to take on roles that will “elevate” her as opposed to keeping her in the same place. Peter wants her to start working with her acting coach more regularly; but NeNe thinks the classes may take away her “natural ability” to act. (Side note: NeNe’s never seen an episode of Scandal…was that shade or no? I mean, this season hasn’t exactly been must-watch anyway, but I digress…)

Later, NeNe travels to the Big Apple to check out the samples for her clothing line as she’s taking a very hands-on approach. She even models some of the pieces to make sure they’re appropriate for the curvy girls.

Bar One…Bar None

Peter and Cynthia’s bar, Bar One, may be under foreclosure because the owners haven’t been paying the mortgage. Uh-oh. Cynthia found out from a blog…you know, not her husband/business partner directly, so she’s rightfully upset. She’s also concerned because that owner is also in charge of Industry Studios, the property where The Bailey Agency is located and she doesn’t want to get shutdown.

Furthermore, Peter wants Cynthia to tell everyone–her mom, her sister, everyone–he’s “handling his business.” But are you though? Later, Peter tells Cynthia that he had a conversation with that landlord and will make sure the properties don’t go into foreclosure.

RIP, Velvet

Last week, when we saw Kenya crying in bed, I assumed the worst…maybe she’d lost a family member or suffered a miscarriage (even though she hadn’t revealed she was pregnant). As it turns out, Velvet, her little dog, was attacked by a neighbor’s dog and passed away. Her aunt comes over to console Kenya and suggests having a service for Velvet. The aunt also suggests God may have taken Velvet away to make room for someone else, perhaps a baby, in her life.

Kenya breaks the bad news about Velvet to Kandi and Cynthia and invites them to Velvet’s memorial service. Cynthia asks if Kenya wants her to reach out to the other girls about the service, but Kenya isn’t sure. Probably best to keep this event small and intimate.

Paging Dr. Sutherland...

Kandi finally agrees to a counseling session with her mom. Kandi thinks her behavior is a sign of respect toward her mom, but really she’s letting her mom walk all over her.

Dr. Sutherland talks to Mama Joyce one-on-one. She thinks Todd has an agenda…and she’s gained about 30 pounds since they’ve been together. Mama Joyce thinks Kandi may have daddy issues, but she was close to her brother, who passed away when he was 22. The therapist asks if she has really taken the time to talk to Todd. And the answer is not really (that verbal attack at the dinner table earlier this season does not count!). Dr. Sutherland recommends additional counseling sessions and Kandi and Mama Joyce hug it out, but it’s kind of awkward.

One week before A Mother’s Love opens, the cast is running through full rehearsals on set…and Porsha actually shows up. The stage manager pulls Porsha to the side and sets her straight. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they still end up using the understudy because Porsha is a bit rocky on the choreography.

Of course, the mother in the show is based on Mama Joyce and Kandi’s not sure how she’s going to take it. After sitting through a few scenes, I guess Mama Joyce decides she’s seen enough and Don Juan takes her to the lobby, but then passes her off on Todd for the grand tour. Tag, you’re it!

After showing Mama Joyce around against his will, Todd basically asks her where they stand. Mama Joyce clarifies: she never stops liking him, but she stopped respecting him. Because that makes it better! Todd explains he took a break from working because he wanted to be with Kandi and says he would like for Mama Joyce to love him one day and that he’d like to find out how they can work toward that.

Mama Joyce admits she put everything in her children and says she may have been too protective of Kandi. Gee, you think?! But I suppose this is a step in the right direction, seeing as how Kandi and Todd finally tied the knot this past Friday. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Next week on the season finale (finally!): It’s opening night of A Mother’s Love; NeNe’s admitted to hospital and Kenya breaks down at the memorial service for Velvet.

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