‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

Previously on Real Housewives of Atlanta, the crew was wrapping up its trip in Mexico (finally!). Gregg and Peter decided to jump bad. Oh, and NeNe called Peter a bitch. Peter says it’s inappropriate and Cynthia, well, she doesn’t really say anything except Gregg should have talked to Peter privately.

This week, NeNe attempts to explain herself…she didn’t call Peter a bitch, per se. What she meant to say was Peter was acting like a bitch. Well, that clears up everything! Personally, I think she had it right the first time, but that’s just me…

Meanwhile, Kenya is frustrated because her Mexico trip, which was supposed to bring everyone together and make everything better, has no made everything worse. Whoomp whoomp…

Back to Business

After everyone returns to Atlanta, Kandi gets straight to work on her musical. But apparently Porsha still hasn’t signed her contract yet. Don Juan, Kandi’s manager, says Porsha and her attorney are making “Mariah Carey demands.” And Kandi agrees that some of her demands aren’t matching her resume, i.e. Porsha wants the same billing as Eddie Levert and Shirley Murdock. Uh no.

Kandi lays down the law about Porsha’s demands: no top billing, no separate dressing room. And Porsha, as always, looks confuzzled.

He Said, She Said

Back at the Bailey residence, Peter and Cynthia have a heart-to-heart about the NeNe situation. But, of course, NeNe and Gregg are having the same conversation at their house. NeNe says out of all the men, only Peter brings up issues with the females, which makes it awkward for Cynthia.

Cynthia says it was out of line and disrespectful for NeNe to call Peter a bitch and he suggests she talks to NeNe. Cynthia says she’d rather not be friends with NeNe and Gregg, if they’re going to call names, etc.

Later, the couples go on a double date of sorts. Peter says he wouldn’t call NeNe out of her name because if he felt that way, he wouldn’t be her friend to begin with. NeNe says she was calling a spade a spade and reiterates the fact that she thought Peter was acting like a bitch, as opposed to being a bitch. At the end, the friends decide to shake hands and make up.

Kandi Goes Back to School

Kandi visits her alma mater, Tri-Cities High School, with cast mate D. Woods, her manager, choreographer and Todd. She’s decided to give two of the student opportunities to assist with her musical: one on-stage and the other behind-the-scenes.

The school’s principal also surprises Kandi with a visit by her favorite teacher. Awww! The visit brings Kandi to tears and the students are super excited to work with the singer!

But not everything is going so well at rehearsals. Porsha is missing and Kandi is none too happy about it. Don Juan tells Kandi that “Porsh-yonce” will actually be missing two to three more days. We also find out that Porsha is the only one with an understudy. Hmm…

A few scenes later, we see Porsha partying with her ratchet friends at the club. She says she’s not sure how a recent divorcee should act, but she’s claiming she’s older and wiser… I don’t know about the last part. She totally gives this guy she was flirting with the runaround and it seems like Porsha just can’t make up her mind.

Oh, and how could we forget Kenya’s new doll…I mean, baby?! While Kenya was giving Marlo the scoop on Mexico, a parent coach stops by with a fake baby for Kenya to care for. I’m interested to learn how this turns out…

Next week: Porsha seems to be having commitment issues with the musical; NeNe passes on a script; Momma Joyce and Todd finally confront one another; and Kenya has a breakdown. Whew!

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