‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

This week on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia and Peter are celebrating their three-year anniversary. Despite having a big blow-out recently, the couple has decided to celebrate their special day. So Cynthia and Peter have a double date with their friends: washed-up ’80s singer Christopher Williams (yeah, I’ve never heard of him either) and his girlfriend/common law wife (more on that later), Natalie.

Sweet Surprise

Like the last few episodes of RHOA, everything seems to come back to how much sex Cynthia and Peter are or are not having. #Awkward. Natalie spills the tea and says Todd cheated on one of her good friends back in the day and alludes to the fact that Todd may or may not be an “opportunist.” Well, I be darned.

Then Peter surprises Cynthia with a candlelit dinner for two, complete with a serenade by Christopher. (And I still don’t know who he is).

Keeping up with Kandi

Kandi’s team is pushing her to host her musical in a smaller venue with a limited amount of shows so it sells out. She really needs Todd’s expertise, but he’s nowhere to be found. And her business partner, Don Juan, is worried about the benajmins, but Kandi is positive they can make it work. She also may have promised Porsha a role in her musical. You know what they say about mixing business with pleasure…

Later, Todd visits a potential venue with Kandi and he is trying to talk some sense into Kandi and let her know there’s a lot that goes into putting on a musical…but it seems like he’s on board.

Mama Kenya?

Kenya invites her extended family to dinner at her house to share some exciting news. She tells everyone she’s “definitely going to have a child” and she has an appointment with a fertility specialist. However, she’s not sure if she wants her African prince/sugar daddy to become her baby daddy. Hmm…

Spilling the Tea

Cynthia invites the ladies to a winery and it doesn’t turn out to be the relaxing trip she thought it would be. Kenya’s talking about how Natalie is Christopher’s “common law wife” and then Cynthia tells everyone about what Natalie said about Todd.

In somewhat unrelated news, Kandi reveals she wants them to get married on February 14 at the courthouse because she doesn’t want to run the risk of her mom speaking out against their marriage. Natalie shares that she and Christopher eloped in Vegas. Then Kenya shares that she heard Christopher said Natalie was his girlfriend, or common law wife.

Then Natalie starts to share what she knows about Todd. Cynthia said there are three things you should know about Kandi: don’t come for her mom, her food, or Todd. Everyone agrees that Kenya can’t talk about anyone’s married because, well, she’s not married.

Then Kenya throws Natalie under the boss and tells Kandi what Natalie told Cynthia about Todd being an opportunist…did you follow that? Then Kandi says she knows a lot about Peter, but she doesn’t say anything. But she just did.

Next week should be interesting: Kenya visits a fertility clinic and the ladies go H.A.M. at a slumber party. Whaat?!

Your turn: Do you think Kenya was right to talk about Natalie’s marriage? Should Natalie have said anything to Kandi? Let us know in the comments!