‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

Last time on Real Housewives of Atlanta, the Bailey Bowl ended in shenanigans. But that’s not stopping Kenya from planning a trip to Mexico for the ladies and their partners for presumably yet another drama-filled vacation. We’ve seen enough reality TV to know how this goes down…

“Things Went Left”

Cynthia wants a bathing suit to show off her new fibroid-free figure and NeNe comes along, too. Cynthia expresses distaste at how the Bailey Bowl went and how “things went left,” to which NeNe plays dumb and acts like she doesn’t know what Cynthia is talking about. Seriously?! Umm … you were part of the problem!

Meanwhile at Marlo’s, Kenya pays a visit to her newfound friend. It “hurts her heart” to see Marlo so upset. Marlo says she’s been awful since the Bailey Bowl and recaps the events to Kenya. Marlo reveals NeNe approached her on a three-way call with Cynthia and told her not to be Kenya’s friends. Are we in elementary school? Seriously!

“Kenya Moore Whore”

Phaedra tells Apollo about the trip to Mexico and reminisces about the previous trip that went south quickly. She says she’s thinking about leaving Apollo in Atlanta and taking Dwight instead and refers to Kenya as Kenya Whore Moore…Moore-Whore. Ouch.

Mr. Bailey, I mean, Peter goes to visit Kordell. He suggests he get a Jamaican woman to take care of his household and son. Oookay. He asks Kordell what really happened and they bond over meddling families. Kordell apparently sets the record straight and says Porsha had asked him for a divorce. Then he proceeds to put Porsha’s business all out in the street. I have a feeling Peter is trying to start something…

Viva a Mexico!

Kenya arrives ahead of the group with Miss Lawrence in order to set up everything for the ladies aka put pictures of herself in their rooms. The next day, the ladies arrive…with the exception of Phaedra who’s lagging behind in the States because of “passport issues.” But NeNe thinks it’s because she wants to find out from the other girls what Kenya has planned first.

While en route to the resort, Peter tells Porsha he talked to Kordell to get his side of the story and it’s quite obvious he’s trying to stir the pot.

Once the group arrives, Kenya greets everyone wearing nothing but a bikini with a poncho and heels…and a twirl, of course. Kandi says she could have saved it. Later, Kenya reveals Miss Lawrence… with a poncho and a mustache and Porsha wonders where Kenya’s “invisible African prince” is. She’s not the only one.

In an effort to make amends with Queen NeNe, Kenya gives NeNe and Gregg the presidential suite. For dinner, Kenya mixes up the seating arrangement so the couples aren’t sitting next to each other…except for Phaedra and Apollo, who arrive late. #Awkward

Porsha proceeds to explain what happened with Kordell, saying his celebrity/image was “tainted.” Kenya takes that to mean she signed on to be his beard (which is slang for a person who supposedly goes out with a gay person to give him/her the appearance of being straight). But Porsha insists she means he was wounded. Riiight…

Next week: The drama heats up in Mexico as Apollo and Kenya spend some time together and Gregg turns up a bit. What do you think will happen? Let us know in the comments!