‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

Last week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya threw a gala in honor of one of NeNe’s favorite charities…and it did not end well.  Off the top, we’ve got NeNe channeling her inner hoodrat, Peter and Cynthia giving each other the silent treatment and a water-bottle battle between two former friends.

NeNe vs. “Nay-Nay”

Unsurprisingly, NeNe is still in disbelief about what happened at the gala and says “Nay-Nay” (aka her hood rat alter ego) was about to come out. NeNe also says Peter was giving her “bitch-assness” (is that even a word?). Looking back, Cynthia says she wishes Peter had let her handle the situation. And I agree…Peter needs to learn to stay out of grown women’s business.

Out of nowhere it seems Kenya and Marlo have become BFFs. Marlo thinks she can talk some sense into NeNe on Kenya’s behalf and one can only hope.

Shh…it’s a Surprise!

Meanwhile, Cynthia is planning a surprise Jamaican-themed birthday party for Peter and an event for her agency: Bailey Bowl. She complains that she’s always caught in the middle and, somehow, I feel as though she tends to bring it on herself.

Peter almost didn’t come to his own party and apparently Kandi gave it away because he ran into her in the lobby of the venue. (Side note: People, you cannot be on CP time for a surprise party…you will spoil the surprise!) NeNe was late as well and proceeds to throw shade at Peter at his own party with a very icy “happy birthday” sans hug.

Kenya excuses the other ladies and attempts to get to the bottom of the situation with NeNe. But, of course, NeNe isn’t trying to hear it and brings up the pillow party. Kenya apologizes for her role in the events at the pillow party and they (half-heartedly) hug it out.

At the party, NeNe sits next to Kandi instead of Marlo and apparently she is none too pleased with Marlo and Kenya’s budding friendship. Umm…this isn’t high school, NeNe, your friend are allowed to have other friends besides you. But NeNe decides to leave.

Later, Porsha calls NeNe for acting advice because she’s landed a role in Kandi’s musical. The character has a controlling husband, so Porsha feels as though she can relate so NeNe advises her to “dig deep.” Afterward, NeNe reflects back to when Diane called Marlo and opportunist and shares how she thinks it may be true.

Game On

At the first Bailey Bowl (basically, an adult version of field day), everyone is working on their fitness. Kandi arrives fashionably late (surprise, surprise). Meanwhile, Kenya’s Team Twirl and NeNe’s Team Rich are in full effect.

NeNe’s team comprises her husband, Gregg, and bridesmaids…except for Marlo. So of course, Kenya asked Marlo to be on her team.

In between games, Marlo asks the other bridesmaids why she wasn’t invited to be on the team. Kenya comes over and tries to play peacemaker, but NeNe isn’t having it as she pushes Kenya’s hand away and throws a water bottle in their direction. Seriously? Like Kenya said: How old are we?

Next week on RHOA: It’s essentially pillow party part two, but this time, it’s in Mexico. Peter is still getting in grown women’s business and Apollo seems to be up to no good with Kenya.   And for reals, is Peter really about to fight the laidback Gregg?  SMH in advance.

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