‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

ICYMI: The last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta got a bit too turned up. During NeNe’s “Pillow Talk” party, Kenya’s friend Brandon and Natalie’s “husband” Christoper Williams got into it. And somehow, Apollo got involved and kicked Brandon’s butt. Oh dear…Things weren’t much better on the most recent foray into Hotlanta either.

Pillow Talk Part 2
Kenya says Brandon was caught up in the middle of NeNe’s crap with her “negativity and vulgarity.” And, while it appears as though everything is actually calming down, Apollo goes for Brandon…again. Dude, you already went to jail once. Sit. Down. The party goes south real quick and everyone starts leaving, including Porsha, who is convinced an “evil spirit” entered the space.

Meanwhile, Christopher apologizes to NeNe and starts talking about how Kenya was talking smack about Natalie. But Kandi kindly and promptly reminds Natalie that she’s not so innocent either because of what she said about Todd.

Now Cynthia jumps in and gets all up in Kandi’s face trying to explain herself. (Hmm…guilty conscience much?) Enter Peter, who says Todd and Kandi are acting real street. Once Peter and Todd get into fisticuffs, Kandi jumps in and Cynthia’s sister, Malorie, tries to break them up…and Kandi gets real hood. “I will drag you in this b*tch.” Well, alrighty then.

Of course, Peter and Todd make up, like men do, in two seconds, but Kandi is still ready to go.

The Morning After
Kandi admits to acting crazy and ratchet at the party and proceeds to explain the situation to her friend. At the same time, NeNe and Greg go to visit Cynthia and Peter to recap the evening’s events.

Meanwhile, at Kenya’s house, Brandon is boohooing about his boo-boos. He gives his version of the events and describes Apollo as a “light-skinned gorilla” and Kenya accuses Apollo of having “prison flashbacks.” Brandon also has a police report and claims Apollo cracked his rib, which is an “automatic felony.” I feel like if I had a cracked rib, I would be somewhere laid up in a hospital. But that’s just me…

Brandon said he would’ve pressed charges if it were just Apollo and Phaedra, but he also is considering the couple’s kids.

Back at the Bailey residence, Cynthia says Kandi’s body was possessed by a “street thug.” In actuality, Kandi, who feels embarrassed, plans to apologize to Cynthia and hope they can get past the situation.

As for Apollo? He describes the evening’s event as “madness” and tries to tell his side of story to Phaedra. He says he was trying to hold Brandon back, but then Brandon hit him and he got carried away. Phaedra, however, blames Kenya for everything because if she’d stayed in her seat, none of this would have happened. Riiight. Apollo apologizes to Phaedra….but what about apologizing to Brandon?

Getting Crunk at the Spa

In an effort to make up for her less-than-ladylike behavior, Kandi invites the ladies to a day at the spa. Of course, they rehash the events of the pillow party and it seems as though Kandi and Cynthia saw things a little bit differently. Eventually, Cynthia apologizes to Kandi for her sister’s behavior and promises to never, ever say anything about Todd ever again.

After complaining about her tea bag breaking off in her water (so random!), Phaedra offers a half-ass apology for Apollo. Phaedra calls Kenya a slut (in her one on one) for bringing up Apollo’s prison history. Then NeNe and Kenya start arguing about what really happened. Kenya says she is not going to carry the entire melee on her shoulders.

Next week, we’ll see Porsha auditioning for Kandi’s play and Kenya’s plan to apparently “kill NeNe with kindness.” We’ll see how that goes…

YOUR TURN: Who do you think is to blame for the pillow talk fight? Was NeNe instigating? Or should Kenya have stayed in her seat? What about the guys getting out of hand?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!