‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

Last week on Real Housewives of Atlanta featured an old lady and her shoe, I mean, Kandi’s mother, Momma Joyce ready to use her wedge as weapon. (Seriously, she is too old to be acting like that!) NeNe also proposed a girls-only trip to Savannah for bonding purposes…because we all know how well that turned out last time!

Crazy Mama Drama

Kandi visits Cynthia, whose mom was also apparently very protective, for some advice on how to deal with her crazy mother and tells her all about the wedding dress fiasco. Cynthia is also in disbelief about the “old lady gang.” Kandi breaks down into tears because she doesn’t know what to do. How can Momma Joyce not see how she’s really hurting her daughter? Cynthia tells Kandi she’s going to have to fight for her relationship and that if she doesn’t check her mom, she runs the risk of losing Todd.

Momma Joyce is Off the Chain

So Kandi’s mom decides to pay a trip to Phaedra for some “legal advice” aka a prenup for her daughter, which she claims Todd won’t sign. But Phaedra finds that very hard to believe and says Kandi is smart about her money. Then Momma Joyce asked Phaedra “why the hell she introduced them?” Because apparently you shouldn’t introduce “two short people with big heads.” Momma Joyce maintains she doesn’t support their union and says she doesn’t plan to attend their wedding. Then she threatens to choke Phaedra. Are you kidding me?! Could you be any ruder right now? Please have ALL the seats!  Then, recline them.

Kandi vs. Momma Joyce

Kandi finally confronts her mother about her negativity. Meanwhile, Momma Joyce feels as though Kandi took sides and, of course, it was the wrong side. Momma claims she was “joking.” Yeah, right. Momma Joyce still thinks Kandi picked Carmon over her and says she’s through with Kandi. She’s decided to “wash her hands” of Kandi’s relationship and if Todd makes Kandi happy, she’s happy. Uh huh, somehow I don’t believe this.

Don’t Be Tardy to the Party

The ladies are supposed to arrive at NeNe’s country club for brunch before departing to Savannah, but Kenya is upset that everyone is tardy to the party. Cynthia is next to arrive, but Kenya is still trying to turn up. Then Porsha comes in and NeNe schools her on being late. Apparently, Porsha doesn’t think she’s late unless she’s the last one to arrive. C’mon, people!

NeNe gets fed up and leaves, instructing the girls to get on the bus without her. But she returns and says a prayer so she doesn’t have to kill somebody. Then Kenya tries to take over and goes off on everyone on the bus. Ridiculous.  As Cynthia says, “who died and made Kenya principal of the bus trip?”

Next week: we find the ladies in Savannah, which can only mean more drama is on the way.

Your Turn: Do you think Kandi was right to stand up to her mother? did Kenya try to stir NeNe up about the ladies being late?  Let us know what you thought of the show in the comments!