‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

Last week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi was holding auditions for her musical, things continued to get out of hand at NeNe’s pillow talk party and there wasn’t much making up at the ladies’ spa day.

“Kill Her with Kindness”

Kenya pays a visit to her hairstylist friend Lawrence and Marlo just so happens to be getting her hair done. Yeah, that’s the ticket.  The ladies recap what happened at the winery between Kenya and Natalie. Then Kenya filled them in on what happened at the pillow party…because we’re still talking about that. Kenya is confused as to where the animosity from NeNe came from and Marlo recalls the time she irked NeNe’s nerves at the wedding. (Is that a thing, irking nerves?)

In an attempt to get back on NeNe’s good side, Kenya decides to throw a masquerade ball to benefit one of NeNe’s favorite charities, Saving Our Daughters. Except she never really reached out to NeNe, save for an e-vite. But whatever.

Later, Kenya, Cynthia, her sister, Malorie, and Marlo are auditioning bachelors to be auctioned off during the charity ball. It sounds like a tough job, but I suppose someone has to do it.

Porsha Shines On

Meanwhile, at The Kandi Factory, Kandi is still looking for other big names to add to her musical. So far she’s got, well, herself, Gerald Levert, Shirley Murdock, Q Parker of 112 and D. Woods formerly of Danity Kane. Enter Porsha, who is auditioning for the role of Kandi’s little sister and fellow group member, Jada. She sings “His Eye is on the Sparrow” and surprisingly, it’s not half bad. Later, at a roller derby rink with the rest of the ladies, Kandi shares that Porsha has landed the role of Jada, or Jade, as Porsha calls her. SMH

Even though Kenya invited all of the ladies to the roller derby rink, NeNe doesn’t show up. Everyone else, however, gives it a try, with the exception of Kandi and Phaedra, or the “do nothing twins,” as Kenya dubbed them.

The Return of Mama Joyce

I was just starting to wonder where Mama Joyce has been before she made her presence known on last night’s episode. Even though the show’s resident “meddling matriarch” didn’t appear on screen, Kandi’s friend, Carmon, played a voicemail from Mama Joyce that was just downright ugly.

Apparently, Mama Joyce is up to her old tricks again and wanted to pay to have Todd set up so she could take pictures of him with another woman to show Kandi. It seems as though Carmon caught wind of this plan and Mama Joyce left Carmon a voicemail calling her an “old lowdown heifer.” She also says she’s going to “drag” Carmon in the streets. Seriously? This woman is wayyy too old to be acting like this.

Todd says he doesn’t have respect for Kandi’s mom, but of course, Kandi continues to defend her mom. Todd says Kandi’s mom has her “mindf**ked” and, if it continues, he may leave and they can just be friends. But Kandi goes to bat for her mom…again, saying that’s the difference between her mom and a friend/fiance–her mom would never leave her. Carmon suggests Kandi started going to counseling to work on her mommy issues. Hopefully it does everyone some good.

Dropping the Ball

While visiting Cynthia, NeNe claims she doesn’t know anything about Kenya’s ball…except Kenya says she can see that NeNe opened the e-vite. Hmm…

At the last minute, NeNe decides to attend the ball and Kenya puts her on the spot by asking her to come to speak about the charity. Instead of acting graciously, NeNe says it’s “nice to have so many good friends I didn’t know about” and sashays away. #Awkward

Then Peter chimes in and says he’s upset with Nene, because whatever beef she had with Kenya, this was about the charity. While he may have a point, I’m tired of Peter sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. This has nothing to do with you, sir. Mind your business. Then NeNe get in Peter’s face and accuses him of blaming her. While the ball itself seems to have been a success, Kenya definitely did not do herself any favors with NeNe or work her way back into her good graces.

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