‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

Last week on Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies and their gentlemen friends took a trip to Mexico for some much-needed fun in the sun. The dinner conversation reached a boiling point, however, when Kenya and Peter ganged up on Porsha and accused her of being a “beard” for her estranged husband, Kordell. Read on to find out what happened in Mexico part dos…

Meanwhile, Back in Mexico…

Miss Lawrence and Kenya discuss the previous evening’s events…including Porsha’s explanation of her “marriage.” Kenya says Kordell thought he was getting a trophy wife, “but it wasn’t a trophy…it was a certificate.” She also decides she needs to have a one-on-one with Apollo. Umm…how about no?

Kandi’s Mama’s Drama

On the way to the underground caverns, Kandi shares her (lack of) wedding plans with the group. She still hasn’t set a date because she’s not sure if her family is going to be in attendance. Then Peter adds his two cents about how Todd is going to start getting frustrated with Kandi, who is hoping the issue with her mother disappears after they get married. Cynthia chimes in and says marriage doesn’t solve problems that are already there. Todd suggests Kandi and her mom starting doing therapy together and separately. He also urges Kandi to basically grow some balls. Understandably, Todd wants Kandi to be part of the solution instead of taking a passive approach, which I think is valid and respectable.

Let’s Go for a Dip

En route to the caves, the ladies and gents run into rather large boa constrictor and everyone is freaking out, especially Porsha, who is being wayyy too dramatic…even for her. The tour continues underground, where there are bats hanging around. Literally. No, thank you.

Eventually, the group comes to a natural spring, where Kenya suggests everyone take their clothes off. Of course. Almost everyone jumps in, including Phaedrea (or, as Kenya calls her, “Shade-dra), because she was not about to let Apollo spend one-on-one time with Kenya underwater again. We know how that worked out last time…

“Another Bizarre Mexican Adventure”

Later, Kenya invites the ladies to her fertility treatment. Well, all of the ladies, except for Porsha and Phaedra. Apparently, she only wanted the women there who have been supportive of her attempts to become pregnant. Kandi also hopes the shaman can bless her and Todd with a son.

Elsewhere on the resort, Porsha is wondering why no one is talking about what happened with Marlo at the Bailey Bowl. Phaedra agrees and says Kenya needs to stop acting like a peacemaker…and she needs to jump off a bridge with some weights tied to her neck. #Shade

Back at the fertility circle, Kenya shares more about her desire to become a mom. When she was 35, she was in love with someone who had a son. But they eventually broke up and she feels as though she lost so much. Originally, she’d wanted to be married before having kids, but then acknowledged that all of the woman in attendance didn’t necessarily take the traditional route. Kandi, however, admits she wishes she’d done things differently.

“Cigars & Conversation”

Peter gathers the guys for some “girl talk” and fills Apollo in on what happened in the other car. And who comes to join them? None other than Kenya and Miss Lawrence.

Kenya says only reason Apollo is getting turned up is because Mama Phaedra isn’t around. Several minutes later, she invites Apollo to go to the bar with her to “pick out tequila.” Oh, is that what we’re calling it these days? Todd agrees to chaperone him aka keep him out of trouble.

But, it doesn’t work because Apollo later dismisses Todd and chats one-on-one with Kenya. Nooo, Apollo, nooo!! They discuss what “really” happened and it’s a bunch of he said/she said. He truly believes he could have slept with Kenya if he wanted to.

Aaand, here comes Phaedra, who wonders why her husband is talking to Kenya. Uh-oh.

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