‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

ICYMI: Last week, Kenya insinuated that Natalie may not actually be married to R&B singer Christopher Williams and proceeded to continually call her a common law wife. Kenya, don’t you know by now you shouldn’t be talking about anyone else’s marriage when you’ve never been married?! Ugh, moving on…

The “First Family”

Phaedra meets with friend/event planner Dwight to plan Mr. President’s “inauguration.” Are you serious?! With red, white and blue everything. Because of course. And she’s not cutting any costs with $2,000+ for invitations and $4,000 for dancers who also double as Secret Service agents. I’m sorry, but this is a party for a baby or a wedding?

The event seems to go off without a hitch. You know, besides Apollo’s usual complaining and stubbornness. Dude, you knew you were getting yourself into when you married Ms. Parks, so I, for one, don’t feel sorry for you. Start acting like an adult.

Calling all Sperm Donors

Kenya visits a fertility clinic with “Auntie Sisqo,” as blogger Awesomely Luvvie calls her (best nickname ever). Kenya thinks her life would be incomplete if she never became a mother, but realizes her situation isn’t ideal because she’s over 40 and she’s dating a man who lives in Africa. The doctor essentially tells Kenya her number of healthy eggs has diminished and gives her various options; however, it’s important for Kenya to have a child with her own DNA.

So, later, Kenya and her friend Miss Lawrence visit a sperm bank to check out potential prospects, including a young man who is there to give a sample. #Awkward Kenya proceeds to run off a list of requirements for her future baby daddy and, needless to say, there are a LOT of requirements. Best of luck to her!

“Pillow Talk”

Or, as NeNe calls it, a free couples’ counseling session in pajamas. Of course, there’s the regular crew, plus Natalie and Christopher and Chuck and Mynique are invited as well. Naturally, things get a bit awkward. First game: How well do you know your mate?

Meanwhile, Kenya’s an hour late. And if there’s one thing we know about NeNe it’s that she doesn’t appreciate when people are tardy for the party.

Later, Peter equates a strip club to an “office” and says he buys dances for his friends, but not himself. But Kandi says she saw Peter with a girl on his lap when they ran into each other one time. Hmm, I wonder who’s lying here…

Then Apollo chimes in and tells everyone how he was spending $5,000-$8,000 at the strip club. #Fail, especially given these new, shocking identity fraud charges against him.  Extra ouch when some folks wonder aloud where he would get that kind of cash.  **trails off**

Then Natalie calls Christopher out on supposedly calling her a “common law wife,” per Kenya’s remarks. So Christopher says he doesn’t know what drugs Kenya is on and..chaos erupts and all of a sudden, the guys start swinging.

Apollo is beating the crap out of Kenya’s friend, Brandon. And then NeNe has some words with Kenya about how she should have remained seated when Christopher approached her. I don’t know that I agree with Miss NeNe on that one.  After all, she instigated the whole situation and Christopher was standing so why not Kenya?

And just when we thought everyone was starting to calm down, Apollo comes after Brandon…again.

To be continued…

YOUR TURN: What in the world was wrong with Apollo this episode?! Do you think he should have been dropping that kind of money at the strip club? And why did he come after Brandon like that? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!