‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

The Real Housewives of Atlanta ladies have returned from their trip to Savannah, or Sa-VAHN-nah, if you’re Kenya. So, of course, first up on her agenda is brunch with Miss Lawrence. Kenya gives him (her?) all the dirt on Phaedra and Chuck, the retired NFL player she may or may not have dated in high school/college.

Speaking of Chuck, he asks his fellow Athenians NeNe and Phaedra to meet him at a restaurant to talk about business. Apparently he has a partnership with the Boys & Girls Club in Athens and asks the ladies to speak to the members. More on that later…

Three’s A Crowd

Cynthia’s sister Malorie is back in town and she has some MAJOR news. As a reminder, things didn’t go so well last time Cynthia saw her sister at her anniversary party, where Malorie got into her feelings about Peter. Now Malorie tells (not asks) her sister that she is planning to stay with her and Peter for TWO months. Yeah, that’s not going to be awkward at all.

And things get a bit intimate when the sisters discuss s-e-x and how Cynthia is “too tired” to get it on with Peter. But Malorie thinks there may be more to the issue at hand and encourages Cynthia to talk to Peter about what’s really going on in their marriage.

While touring Cynthia’s new studio space, the sisters tell Peter about Malorie’s “extended” stay. He’s caught off guard, obviously. And Malorie reminds Peter that Cynthia was also surprised about the new Mercedes he just purchased. It’s called communication, people. Let’s learn to use it.

We Need to Talk…

Later, Cynthia approaches Peter about some conversations that didn’t end well. Peter says how he hates when Malorie sees them arguing and he can’t remember the last time they were happy and touching each other. But Cynthia tells him he’s not the only one who’s frustrated.

Peter says he needs an “escape route” to save their marriage. (Are you kidding me?) This time, Cynthia lets it all out and talks about how she moved to Atlanta because she loves him and he sold her on the “Peter Thomas dream.” It’ll be interesting to see what happens with these two.

Porsha’s New Digs

Now, in the shocker of the century, it appears as though Porsha is finally moving out of her momma’s house. About dang time! But not before her mom fronts the bill for her ridiculously overpriced puppy products, of course. SMH.

Porsha’s new house is quite fancy. And her brother, Hosea, brings up the question we’re all wondering…can she actually afford it? And the short answer is: maybe not once the support from Kordell ends.

Then she drops the bomb on her family that she’s been in communication with Kordell. And reportedly he told her that he didn’t want a divorce, but he gave her an ultimatum. Now, looking back, Porsha says she thinks she shouldn’t have reached out to Kordell. Gee, you think?

Going (Going) Back (Back) to Athens (Athens)

NeNe, Phaedra and Chuck take a road trip to Athens to visit the Boys & Girls Club, hang out with the kids and deliver some inspiring messages. Basically, we made it big and (with the help of reality TV) you can, too!

Later, Chuck brings up his dating past with Phaedra…with NeNe in the car…on the way back to Atlanta. #Awkward Phaedra thinks he got busted because he didn’t share “the whole truth” with his wife. But he says they were the first version of “friends with benefits” and claims Phaedra and Kandi were part of a “team” of young women he was messing with at the time. Real classy, dude. He also keeps calling himself the “big homie.” Seriously? Get over yourself, bruh.

Next week: Phaedra and Kandi talk about Chuck; Kenya’s dad comes to visit from Texas and Peter confronts Malorie.

Your Turn: Do you think Malorie should mind her own business and let Cynthia and Peter work out their issues amongst themselves? Let us know in the comments!