Real Housewives of Atlanta: “50 Shades of Shade”

Another week, another awkward mess in the alternate dimension known as “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

The show seems to be struggling to find its footing with so much in-fighting among the regulars.  Last time, the overall theme was reconciliation, with Nene (of all people) leading the charge.  This time though it seems Miss Nene  has abandoned  such aims and goes for the jugular, alternately shading and scorning her frenemies from Kenya to Cynthia.  She also sent some confusing, ugly signals Claudia’s way, and we know the newbie “housewife” isn’t afraid of confrontation.  Still, we’re not sure she wants it with Andy Cohen’s MVP.

Ah, well.  Here are five questions that arose as I watched from the comfort of my couch.  But I’d love to know what question(s) you had after finishing the episode known (rightfully) as “50 Shades of Shade.”

1. Why is Apollo doing the absolute most plus one prior to serving his sentence?  When he randomly rolled up on Phaedra trying to install a security gate and tried to play man of the house with the workers, I slid down a little on my couch.  He was probably trying to eavesdrop on the gate code since he knows he will NOT be on the admitted list, post-prison stint. And when Miss Phae Phae “Fix It Jesus” asked about installing shockers on the new barrier, also thinking she wanted to send some electricity into Apollo.

2. Why is Nene being so nasty and so rude this week?  She shaded Kenya, Claudia,  Cynthia and African Black soap all in one episode.  And then had the nerve to say that she couldn’t imagine herself playing the evil stepmother in Cinderella?  Stop the foolery, Miss Leakes.  That role was written for you. Clearly, she is over this show and its resident real housewives.

3.  Through what beer goggles was Cynthia viewing the new potential site for her business with Peter?  Indeed, some real estate is a work in progress, but honestly, she appeared to be on the site of a nuclear bombing, historic or nah.  I believe she has vision, but she and her hubby may want to use it before paying down on that sand lot.

4.  Is Roger Bobb paying the producers of Real Housewives of Atlanta to have the cast say his name six times per minute?  As I noted on Twitter:

5. Is Demetria McKinney auditioning for a peach? If so, hand her an Oscar as well. The sheer drama around her ghost-in-the-machine relationship with (get your shot glasses ready) Roger Bobb is too much. If nobody in the world knew you were dating this gentleman despite being steady for the past few years,  you can’t be mad at the world, ma’am.  Be mad at your clandestine boo.

Your turn: What queries, if any, do you have for the ladies of the peach and their respective mates?