Read: Floyd Mayweather’s Strange Apology

Floyd Mayweather isn’t really known for his humility. But in a weird and very cryptic post, the boxing champion appears to have issued an apology of some sort.

Mayweather took to his Instagram account and issued the statement, which apologized for the recent “childish” behavior of some of his associates:

Sure I enjoy the company of my friends. I enjoy the unprecedented lifestyle my hard work has afforded me. I enjoy spending my free time traveling the world and having fun with my children- These are the things that mean most to me and I have become accustomed to blocking out negativity and refocusing my energy on those deserving of it…And more importantly, the people who bring me true happiness. With that said, I apologize for subjecting my fans and followers to the nonsense and childish behavior of some people close to me. At this level, I understand the acts of the company I keep is often a reflection of me and I take responsibility to make sure those type of antics are not tolerated or rewarded. Throwing stones is a sign of weakness- I choose to be strong. To My fans, your loyalty and support has given me the best 20 years I could ask for and while at the top, I plan to go out on top….see you back in the ring September 12th!

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Well this is the most humble thing this guy has said.

It would mean so much more if we actually had an idea of what Mayweather was apologizing for.