Recap: R&B Divas LA

Credit: VH1

Did anybody else feel they got treated to one of the best free concerts in life last night?

Our hands are still waving in the air like we just don’t care after the season premiere of R&B Divas LA.

There was barely an off-note as the TV One spinoff kicked off with a La La land cast of Chante Moore, Michel’le, Lil’ Mo, Kelly Price, Dawn Robinson and City High’s Claudette Ortiz.  Most of the episode focused on what really matters: their gorgeous voices, with just a taste of drama as Chante Moore (now twice divorced) and Claudette (who was romantically entangled with both of her bandmates) unloaded some of their personal baggage by way of introduction.

The open mic night gave audiences a chance to revel in the golden era of R&B, with each diva singing beautifully.  If anyone was confused about why each lady held the spotlight, there was absolute clarity by the time the program wound to its end.

Now, if history (and ratings) are to be repeated, it seems that some juicy gossip, in-fighting and foolishness must ensue.

After all, the original Atlanta-based show started off gamely enough but ended with a civil war between Syleena Johnson and Brownstone’s Nicci Gilbert.  We can only hope that any West Coast crack-ups won’t be as heated or disruptive, as it is obvious that the gorgeous vocals on this show are reason enough to tune in.

What did you think of the show?  And we asked this via @getjetmag on Twitter, but we’re wondering this about the LA vs Atlanta cast.