‘R&B Divas Atlanta’ Recap

Aw snap, the divas are back! That’s right, R&B Divas Atlanta are gracing our screens yet again with more drama than The Color Purple. I had a chance to catch up with last nights second episode and realize see some things never change. *sigh* However, the new girls LaTavia Roberson and Meelah Williams SEEM to be a breath of fresh air. Yeah, we’ll see.

Crazy KeKe

Let me start with the obvious. KeKe Wyatt is crazy. One would think that after seeing yourself on TV acting a plum fool on season one, she would clean up her act. Unfortunately, that’s too much like right. Ummm, how do you not remember trying to headbutt Monifah at her ENGAGEMENT PARTY? KeKe claimed to have been “joking,” but we all know better. Seriously, after she listed her symptoms to her brother, I came to the conclusion that she needs professional help and counseling. I hope she sees that, because we all see it. Syleena Johnson see it. Honey, Ray Charles could see it.

Oh Monifah, Have You Tried Diet & Exercise?

As Monifah prepares to walk down the aisle, quite naturally she wants to be the best she can be. Trust me, as a bride-to-be, I COMPLETELY understand. However, I don’t know if I agree with Monifah’s inquiry to get liposuction. Monifah isn’t completely in shape, but she’s also not completely out of shape. She’s the average woman. A little bit of exercise and diet would eliminate her muffin top, so why the need for a quick fix? AND, I was waiting for her African-American lady doctor to talk her out of it during their consultation. You know, have a heart to heart, real moment with Monifah. I guess at the end of the day she gotta get paid, too. Oh, well…

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