‘R&B Divas Atlanta’ Recap

Last night’s episode of R&B Divas Atlanta took us into the hearts of one the divas, who was questioning her reason for being on the show.

Dear LaTavia: Why are you here?

First let me say that I genuinely like LaTavia. She was actually my favorite member of Destiny’s Child. However, she really irritated me in last night’s episode. It all started when the divas had a “think tank” about their potential show. LaTavia told the divas she was uncomfortable singing a solo. First red flag. She then had a one-on-one with Monifah and revealed she doesn’t want to be in the music industry anymore. I get it. I understand the how being kicked out of Destiny’s Child caused her to turn to substance abuse. It had to be hard to see them go on to great success without her. However, the past is the past. Why agree to be on a show like R&B Divas if you’re not ready to shine again? Please stop shrinking and straighten up and fly right. If not, give your spot to someone who’s hungry and wants it. Shoot, I’ll take it.

It runs in the family

Last week we acknowledged that something is clearly wrong with KeKe. Last night’s episode confirmed it runs in the family. Okay, can someone explain to me what happened please. KeKe’s family was all in the kitchen cooking and having a good time, when all of a sudden KeKe snapped on her mom for wanting to hold the baby. Out of nowhere, KeKe’s brother Keever, who I believe is really her twin, jumps in and takes it to a whole other level. He starts whining about how his mother does this every single holiday. Meanwhile, I’m staring at the screen asking myself “Does what”? Keke and Keever comes to the conclusion that their mother needs to see a shrink. Newsflash: All y’all need to see a shrink, and fast. P.S. I still have NO idea what happened.

Drama with mama

This season is incorporating more of the divas’ families. I knew about Angie Stone’s son with D’Angelo, because it broke the hearts of many women back in the day. But this is the audience’s first time being introduced to her older daughter, Diamond. Many think she’s being dramatic for the cameras, but Diamond accused Angie Stone of ignoring her. I’m over here clutching my pearls, because all I can think about is Angie’s song “Brotha,” that pays tribute to our African-American men. Surely someone whose music is meant to uplift others, isn’t failing to uplift their own children. Or maybe Diamond wants a piece of the diva pie? I guess we’ll have to see how this one plays out. Folks will begin to show their true colors eventually. Just give it time.

What do you think of LaTavia’s reasoning for no longer wanting to be in the music industry? Should she be on the show?

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