Raven-Symoné Addresses Social Media Backlash

Did you think that Raven-Symoné  was going to let the Internet have multiple field days without speaking her peace and clarifying her controversial statements regarding race and labels?

Oprah warned her that she would set Twitter ablaze with her claims of not being African-American. To which the former child star simply threw her hands up and added a #Kanyeshouldershrug to the mix.

Ok, so we get it- you’re tired of labels. You want to be identified as human. That’s apparent; however, the real world sees color. The real world looks at you and sees a female who is not White – one that is not colorless.

And damn right, social media sounded off. Since Sunday’s episode of Oprah’s Where are They Now? A side-eye has been tossed from multi-directions toward the former child actress. Well, whether this clears it up or not, Raven released the following statement to

“I never said I wasn’t black … I want to make that very clear. I said, I am not African-American. I never expected my personal beliefs and comments to spark such emotion in people. I think it is only positive when we can openly discuss race and being labeled in America.”

We are in a social and viral world where everything someone says in a public space and/or post will be scrutinized and analyzed to the core.

Now, I am not saying that this will detour my likeness of Raven. I think she’s without doubt a very talented human. I will however, say that this is a bit confusing. You don’t want to be classified as African-American. You want to be colorless, yet want to make it clear that you never said you weren’t Black. Sooo…is it the “African” label that you wish to not acknowledge?

It is very possible to be successful (in fact, you are very much so!) and have all the talent in the world…but it would be nice to also acknowledge that you are one of us.

Am I missing something? Chime in below!