Drake Looks to Collect ‘Y.O.L.O.’ Catchphrase Royalties


By// Brandon Byrd

The phrase, “YOLO,” became an instant hit on social media and in pop culture after Canadian rapper Drake sang, “You only live once, that’s the motto ni***a, YOLO,” on his 2011 hit “The Motto.” A year later, Drake figured out that it’s a good idea to collect on his popular catchphrase, reports The Grio.

The rapper recently tweeted photos of mainstream companies such as Macy’s and Walgreens stocked with clothing items with the “YOLO” phrase on them.  Along with these photos, Drake reportedly wrote several tweets expressing disapproval about the companies’ use of his slogan.  Drake may have to wait in line if he plans to trademark or collect any royalties due to the fact that there are over 100 pending patents on the “YOLO” slogan for various items like clothing lines, posters, and even cologne.