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One-on-One with Rapsody

Credit: Rapsody

Jamla Records’ First Lady, Rapsody is making much noise with her latest EP, Beauty and the Beast. With production from Eric G, Nottz, Khrysis, and Jamla President 9th Wonder, the album packs a punch from start to finish. However, Rapsody’s heartfelt lyrics and intricate wordplay make this project one of the best albums of the year.

Rapsody and I spoke for almost an hour. Despite some minor technical issues that come with the magic of video chats, we managed to cover a lot of ground ranging from her personal journey as an evolving artist to her thoughts on the entertainment industry.

Rapsody on her lyrics that address today’s racially-charged climate:

There’s a disconnect between Black America and White America…a lot of White people, who aren’t racist, they don’t understand…have comments like, “Why does it always have to be about race”, “Can’t we all just get along”, or “I don’t see color”.  In order to fix racism, we have to acknowledge that it exists.

Rapsody on being a role model for young Black girls:

When you’re put in a position and you have that much power and influence over somebody, it is somewhat your job to be a role model to a certain degree…I just wish people would take on the responsibility and do right by it.
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