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JETBlack Music Month: Tina Turner

In honor of Black Music Month, JET will bring you weekly doses of Black entertainment featuring artists interviews from the JPC archives, videos and past music JET cover stars! Check back every Thursday for a trip down memory lane!

First up, is the fiesty and raspy-voiced rock star, Ms. Tina Turner. In this vintage interview, the icon talks music and sexuality.

Tina Turner has graced many JET covers over the years displaying strength, grit, passion and honesty. If you own any JET x Tina covers, share them with us via social media, @GetJETMag!


Throwback Track: Private Dancer
Fun Fact: The 1984 song was penned by Mark Knopler who wrote it for his band Dire Straits. However, it sounded better with a female vocal. So, with Ms. Turner planning her comeback, she recorded the track, simply because she liked it.