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Getting to Know MAAD*MOISELLE

When Beyoncé Knowles-Carter was born in 1981, she could not have foreseen herself at the epicenter of the nation’s seismic brouhaha on women’s liberation. Yet, that is exactly where her latest self-titled album (Beyoncé) placed her as the premise of countless discussions, debates, think pieces and open letters as it relates to the album’s vivid themes of womanhood, sex and modern day feminism.

But on second thought, it’s possible that she did foresee this occurrence of events as she came into the world at a time when bold women were making unprecedented statements in mainstream music—which also emphasizes the point that what she is doing today, regarding feminism and music, is not necessarily new.

In the ‘70s, women side-kicked the door wide open with sex-infused tunes like Roberta Flack’s “Feel Like Makin’ Love” and Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby” (a song that Beyoncé herself samples in her hit single, “Naughty Girl”). Then in 1982, the reigning queen of pop music, Diana Ross, was antecedently employing her own tunes as a channel to explore elements of the women’s movement, as evident by her Michael Jackson written and produced track “Muscles.”

Diana Ross – “Muscles”

Short of knowing, this famous joint effort by two of pop music’s royal members was yet another brick in the wall that helped set the stage for women to be able to openly sing about waking up disheveled in a kitchen after a wild night of drunken love making, as with Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love,” or to sing about getting hot and bothered while awaiting a lover’s arrival, as is the case in “Callin’ 4 U” off of New York-based singer MAAD*MOISELLE’s latest project, Indigo.

It is no surprise, then, that MAAD credits both Ross and Jackson as being the two biggest influences on her own self-proclaimed “rhythmic-pop R&B” career.

“I wasn’t able to see Diana Ross live at Caesars Palace, but I watch it on Youztube and her stage presence along with the way she delivers songs really captivates me,” says MAAD. “I’m obsessed with Diana. She can do no wrong.”

Captivate is such an appropriate word as MAAD herself captivates audiences with a beauty so striking and a confidence so alluring, it defies all standards of fairness. Couple that with her ability to own a stage—a skill set undoubtedly influenced by her aforementioned musical icons—delicate and slinky vocals, plus a savvy sense of style and MAAD is potentially a modernized reincarnate of early Ross. The best part? She is showing no signs of letting up.

“I’ve been constantly recording and I’m constantly writing ideas and working on new music while promoting Indigo,” says MAAD. “I have to always record or I’ll lose my mind.”

Indigo, the singer’s latest project, finds MAAD holding her own, taking the reins and embracing her carnal side in a delicious offering of sweet and sass. At this rate with the bravura to back it up, the singer stands to some day be one of the important female voices in pop music.

Stream tracks from MAAD*MOISELLE’s latest EP, Indigo, below:

Callin’ 4 U


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