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Big Daddy Kane Launches Limited ‘BDK’ Shoe Edition

Part of the hip-hop culture is about style and the way you can take even the most trendiest item and rock it in a way that makes it your own–authentic and original.

During the ’80s, culture influencer, Big Daddy Kane made his presence memorable not just with smooth lyrics and energetic dance moves, but also with his fashionable style.

He is, in fact, the “Smooth Operator” and ladies were his number-one fans.

The emcee is now teaming up with British Walker, a classic shoe brand that stamped its popularity throughout the 1970s to create and launch the BDK x B Walkers Limited Edition with design insight curated by Big Daddy Kane in collaboration with the B Walkers design team.

Here’s the clutch though, only 500 pairs of the limited shoe will be available via on December 15. And what’s the hype without a little something special in the full package?

It will be a true collector’s item with a certificate of authenticity, stamped and numbered for collectors. In a addition, owners of the BDK shoe will receive a care kit. Gotta keep the steppers cleaaan!


Below, Big Daddy Kane talks the design of the shoe and it’s influence on hip-hop culture: