SWV’s Coko says Son was Target of Racism

When racism strikes a mother’s child, it turns over a whole other emotion.

On Wednesday, Coko of famed ’90s R&B group SWV, took to Instagram to express her frustration after receiving news that her son, Jaylon, was at the center of verbal racist attacks from his classmates.

The singer, who resides in Virginia, stated that her son was referred to as the n-word and the racial terms were also discovered on the walls in the school’s bathroom.

Following her post, other mother’s began pouring their children’s experience with racism. One mother and friend in particular was fellow singer, Syleena Johnson, who expressed that students displayed the same behavior at her son’s school. Johnson carried the situation all the way to the education board. As an outcome, the child at the helm of the racist remarks was suspended.

No matter how many times we express that racism still exists, the shock of people having that much hate or disregard for another human being solely based on the color of their skin, will never transform into a numbing feeling.

*Photo: Instagram