Wait, ‘The Craft’ Star Rachel True Is Almost 50?

I don’t know about you, but I loved the Craft, the 1996 film about four teenage girls who dabble in the dark arts and end up paying a price.

At the time I was in high school too, and the film felt super relatable at the time because it was hilarious, included enough ’90s grunge to reflect the decade, and was down right fun to watch. In the middle of it all was Rachel True, the curly-haired cutie that shined every time she hit the screen.

Well, the Craft 20-years-old now, and while times–and styles–have changed, True’s beauty has not.

The 49-year-old actress recently posted a picture of herself on Instagram, looking all 1996 fine, and folks went gaga over her timeliness looks.

RachelTrue_1 RachelTrue_2 RachelTrue_3

True, who’s still doing her thing in the biz, credits her ageless beauty to clean living and paying attention to her health.

“Wow thanks for the comments you guys, [don’t] fear growing up,” she wrote on Instagram in response to the positive comments on her photo. “If you take care of your mind & body you’ll [stay] young at heart forever!”

Sound advice, but I’m sure a little magic didn’t hurt either.