Rachel Roy and Rachael Ray Are Not the Same


Oh the value of a vowel.

Ever since Beyoncé’s Lemonade was released Saturday night, it’s created a storm of commentary and thought leadership on everything from “black feminism,” to “bayou coolness” to essays on forgiveness on cheating in a relationship. It’s also created a firestorm of mess for Rachael Ray, the chef with the TV show and a popular cooking magazine, who is the unintended target of a social media barrage that some from the Beyhive intended to direct at Rachel Roy, the designer.

Got that? Rachel Roy and Rachael Ray are not the same ladies.

The backstory is this: Beyoncé, in her video release on HBO, discussed a “Becky with the good hair.” Notwithstanding the number of white social commentators who have no idea that a “Becky” means “white girl” in Black-speak, many people thought the “Becky” was Rachael Ray. It didn’t help that Rach ROY posted about being a chick with “Good hair” on social media. Since that post and getting flamed with lemon emojis, Rach’s Instagram has gone private.

Some folks think that Rachel and Jay got together and were the impetus for the cheating/forgiveness through line of Beyoncé’s new album. Maybe. Maybe not.’s what Rach ROY posted on Twitter regarding this. It’s been up for 24 hours and she hasn’t posted anything since.  

Beyoncé is an artist and she knows that drama begets sales. Maybe something happened. Maybe not. Speculate on. But please, leave Rachael Ray’s tacos out of it.