Questlove To Create Music for ‘ROOTS’ Reboot

Alex Haley’s ROOTS breeds a historical element in the lives of African-Americans. The story told through the life experience of Kunta Kinte documented slavery, a family’s will to survive, and the adversities that came along with racism.

A&E Networks is giving the story a reboot featuring a four-night, eight-hour scripted miniseries with Laurence Fishburne already onboard for the remake.

Questlove of the band The Roots, has been tapped as the series’ executive music producer. Quest’s innate ability to capture moments with drums and his ear for guiding portraits with his music will contribute to the authentic African sound and themes for the characters in addition to the overall production.

If you’ve questioned whether or not a production reboot is necessary, you wouldn’t be alone. ROOTS sadly reflects the inhumanity we’ve been more blatantly experiencing on a multitude of levels over the last three years, beginning with the murder of Trayvon Martin.

In society, we are still fighting for respect and to be recognized as human beings who deserve life and equal opportunity.

In your opinion, will this series do more harm than good considering the hostility of the times, then and now?

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