Questionable and Worst Comeback Performances

We’re not knocking the talents of these artists. Hey, everyone has an off day, week, hell, season… and that’s just life.

But we do have a sense of humor and sometimes, artist performances are the best go-to’s for a quick reality escape and good laugh.

With that being said, we’ve rounded up a few hilarious, a few cringing, the questionable and just all the way HELL NO! comeback performances.

Enjoy and do share your picks of questionable comebacks and bad performances in the comments!

K-Ci and Jo-Jo – “Life”
Though this is a dated performance, it resurfaced once the 2014 Soul Train Music Awards aired in November and Jodeci was the main attraction as they reunited for the first time in years.

A 90s favorite turned 2014 disaster…aw, H-E-Double.

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