Queen Latifah Is Ready for Motherhood!

Well this is quite a surprise! Queen Latifah caught a wave of baby fever and from the sounds off it, there may be a baby king or queen in her future.

While on a promotional tour for the upcoming film Miracles From Heaven, Queen told E Online, “I can’t say what God has for me, but you will see. You’ll see when I’m lugging the baby on the hip that there is actually a youngin’ around here.”

She also stated, “maybe I’ll adopt a child that’s not necessarily a baby.”

After years of solitude and getting “a lot of partying out of my system…I think I’m ready.”

In the film, which is based on a true story, Latifah plays a waitress who befriends a mother whose young daughter is battling an incurable digestive disease.

Queen is ready to nurture and share her wisdom with a little one and we say, go for it!

Miracles From Heaven hits theaters on March 16.