Watch: Quan and Pusha T ‘All On Him’

A toy gun. Skittles. Selling CDs outside of a convenience store. These are only a few of the reasons a number of Black men have been fatally shot by police.

The social unrest is heavy on hearts and as we are still digesting the aftermath of what took place in Milwaukee over the weekend, artists Pusha T and Quan released an alarming visual that touches on racial tensions in America.

In the visual for ‘All On Him’, images of protest cross the screen along with news headlines and locations that show where Alton Sterling and others lost their life. Another touching element are the re-imagined scenes of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was shot for playing with a plastic gun in a Cleveland, Ohio park.

Quan, who appeared on Nas’ God’s Son album, released the following statement in a press release:

“The concept I chose for this video was the Tamir Rice tragedy, because I can’t fully understand why those cops shot that baby. However, in my video he lives instead of dies. We were able to save him. The same way God saved us many times over. The key to the change is peace, great music and God. ‘Cause it’s all on Him. My friend Max profit who plays one of the police officers, was killed during the shooting of this video. That kid [at the end of the video with his hands up] is my son, an angel.”

Watch the chilling video below.