The Purge: Instagram Cleans House

Instagram cleaned house this week and exposed a few people who were in the business of buying followers to make their accounts appear more relevant.

One in particular was rapper-turned-pastor-turned….man, we don’t even know, we’ll just say Mason Betha a.k.a. Mase.

After the ‘gram weeded out false and spam accounts from their system, it left the former Bad Boy with a whopping 272K followers to the 1.6 million he claimed to have prior.

Ouch! LOL…embarrassing. You know folks weren’t going to just overlook the opportunity to kick out the jokes!


And his reaction to the significant drop: He deletes his page.


Thing is, he’s not the only who lost … ‘Yonce lost 832,000 followers but then again, she still has 21.4 million.