Promoter Threatened After Kanye Booking

A British-based festival promoter says she received death threats after booking rapper Kanye West.

Emily Eavis told the London Evening Standard that the threats came after residents found out that West would be headlining this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

“It was not a pleasant world we unwrapped,” Eavis told the Standard. “I had death threats and stuff. It was horrible. It was just crazy.”

Fans were so outraged that they created an online petition calling for the rap superstar to be replaced with a rock band. So far the petition has garnered 133,000 signatures, according to the Standard. 

“The scrutiny is daily,” Emily continued. “Whatever we do is torn apart and analysed. It’s hard to concentrate on the job because you can get easily distracted by the hoo-ha. It was quite upsetting because we were talking about something that was so exciting for the festival.”