Bruh… This Prom Video is Too Much!

From the look on this guy’s face, all he wanted to do was be fly and head to the prom. His date, on the other hand, had other plans in mind. Apparently, she wanted her moment to be memorable and went all out with a red carpet and opening dancers before making her appearance. Oh and you better believe, Beyoncé’s “Formation” was this prom diva’s soundtrack.

Peep the three-minute video below.

Fam and friends were ready for it with mobile devices in hand, but dude barely looked the way of the creative entertainment. The dancers did kill it though. Come through, choreography! And honey was ready to hit with the pose, pose and let it sink in.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 1.33.25 PM

Did this prom diva slay?