Are You a ‘Professional Black Girl’?

professional black girl

Let’s face it, Black women encounter a lot of hate. From the media commenting on their dating practices, folks appropriating hairstyles, and the flack they receive from those inside their community, being a Black woman can be tough. But…it’s also quite magical.

Black women and girls come from a long line of fierce, loyal, brilliant, and resilient women who refuse to let the world beat them down. They can flip a ‘fro into a dope twist-out, turn a cheap outfit into something that looks straight off the runway, and when it comes to making a way out of no way…can’t nobody outdo Black women.

With this in mind, Dr. Yaba Blay is launching a new web series titled, Professional Black Girl, which is “an original video series created to celebrate everyday Black womanhood, and to smash racist and ‘respectable’ expectations of how they should ‘behave.'”

According to a press release, Professional Black Girl features interviews with Black women and girls ranging in age from 2- to 52-years-old, including Akiba Solomon, senior editor of; Joan Morgan, author of When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost; and 13-year-old world traveler Nahimana Machen.

So what inspired Blay to create the series? She broke it down like this:

“The terminology that is often used to describe and define Black girls—such as bad, grown, fast, ghetto, and ratchet—are non-affirming and are words that are intended to kill the joy and magic within all Black girls,” says Dr. Blay. “We are professional code-switchers, hair-flippers, hip-shakers, and go-getters. We hold Ph.Ds and listen to trap music; we twerk and we work. We hold it down while lifting each other up, and we don’t have to justify or explain our reason for being. This is us.”

The first episode of the web series will premiere on September 9 on YouTube. Watch the trailer below.

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