Prime Time: Deion Sanders Talks OWN Show, Success

Deion Sanders was made for TV from the get-go.  The outspoken Hall-of-Famer once declared that if the Detroit Lions drafted him he would ask for so much money, they would have to put him on layaway. His playing career is over, but that hasn’t stopped ol’ “Prime Time” from cashing those checks. His new revenue stream comes from his hit series on the Oprah Winfrey Network.  The show, “Deion’s Family Playbook,” is set to air the premiere of its second season on Saturday, November 1 at 9 p.m. EST.  Sanders sat down to discuss the show’s success, his mother and how he manages to keeps tabs on ten kids at once.

Deion Sanders

Michael Calabrese: You’ve been in the spotlight for the better part of thirty years, so the fame and attention that comes along with a hit television series isn’t anything new for you.  Would you say any of your kids are struggling with their newfound notoriety?

Deion Sanders: Struggling? No.  First of all my kids want checks! They know if you show up on TV, a check is coming and they LOVE checks.  And I was able to teach them about finances through that.  They get let’s open up some bank accounts, now you’ll have a credit card and all of sudden you get to see what Daddy deals with.  They don’t struggle with being on television, but they’ve come to learn it’s a responsibility as well.

MC: In addition to your five children you have five other kids under your roof. You’ve not only committed yourself to helping others in need but you’ve also welcomed underprivileged kids into your own home.  Where does this compassion and call to charity come from? 

DS: It comes from my mother, it was what I saw as a kid. We always had one of my friends or one of my sister’s friends come over and not only spend the night but darn near live with us.  My mother has also raised ten foster kids and she has two now that live with us.  Her heart always inspired me and on top of that she was always working her butt off.  Now that I’m an adult, it’s definitely a calling.

MC: Snoop Dogg will be making an appearance this season, how did that come about?

DS: My son, Shilo, is into making beats, as a lot of people saw last season. And the joke is he’s really good.  I didn’t think so, so I took him to Snoop. And I wanted Snoop to go off on him, you know to really check him, to get him back to education. Snoop said, “Prime, this little negro good, dog.” Snoop ended up buying three beats from him.

MC: Will we see more of your mother this season?

DS: Most definitely, my mom will actually be smiling a lot more this season.  You know she loves the soap operas, she LOVES the soaps.  We got her on “The Young And The Restless.”  Not to visit, she was on the show.  It aired already and she played a nurse.  And I’m there in the back, “c’mon crip walk that thing mama, high-step in there mama,” we were really clowning. We were just acting so ignorant when she was on there, because she was so nervous. But she was so happy.  To watch the soap operas all your life and to be able to bring that to life for yourself, being on your favorite soap opera, you have to understand what a blessing that is. That was her Super Bowl. So after that she let me know her bucket list.  “I gotta be on The Price is Right, I gotta see Latifah.” I already called Latifah for her. As for The Price is Right, my mama is the kind of contestant to mess around and guess the stuff on the dime. She’s at the grocery store all the time, oh that’s $2.99 unless you going to Walmart or you got a coupon, that will get you 40% off. She’s ready, we gonna get her on there.