A Word From Bishop T.D. Jakes Post-Election

Emotions are still running high after a shocking turn of events following Tuesday’s presidential election. With Donald Trump actually heading to the White House after eight years of President Barack Obama, the blow came hard and swarmed social media with not only a feeling of despair but a series of public prayers.

Choosing not to take the road of defeat, LeBron James even took to his Instagram to share a message of pushing forward and challenging parents and leaders to impart on their children that they can change the world. He noted that with faith, and in the words of Kendrick Lamar, we will be “Alright!”

Known for spreading the same message and being a voice of spiritual reasoning, Bishop T.D. Jakes is also addressing the current state of affairs on an upcoming episode of the “TD Jakes Show”. The thought leader invited Democrats, Republicans, Independents, women and men across race and religions to engage in a dialogue about the election, their attraction to each Presidential Elect, their fears, and steps needed to move forward as unified community.

The conversation will be emotional but it’s a good start to figuring out how to get through these next four years.

If today seems likes it’s hard to face, take a listen to the Bishop’s empowering monologue below to boost your emotions.

Catch the full episode Thursday, Nov. 10. Check your local listings for air times.