Night Cap: President Obama Has Jokes

President Barack Obama flexed his cool sense of humor once again, as he made a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, Monday night.

Appearing for the second time on the show, POTUS delivered candid responses relating to Donald Trump’s debates and, of course, the “hot mic” video that resurfaced where Trump and Billy Bush engaged in misogynistic commentary.

Asked if he ever laughs while watching Trump’s debates, and the president didn’t hesitate to dish out “most of the time” as he nodded his head, yes.

Watch the exchange below.

There was a moment of seriousness though that came when Kimmel asked if Obama wished he was running against Trump.

“Hillary is doing just fine,” he answered. In fact, he’s enjoying being on the campaigning end for Clinton along with the Senate and House Candidates.

Adding to his moment of clarity sans the joke, President Obama also offered the following perspective: “Look, we joke about Donald Trump, but I do think that part of the reason you’ve seen Michelle [Obama] passionate in this election, part of the reason we get involved as much as we have, is not just because we think Hillary is going to be a good president, but also because there is something qualitatively different about the way Trump has operated in the political sphere.”

And when stopping by Jimmy Kimmel, it’s not the full experience unless you partake in the infamous “mean tweet” segment. So, it was only right that our president got in on the fun and even had a few witty comebacks. Watch below.

This “phone mic drop” has just made our day!