Facebook Group Reminds Us to Play Jeezy Today

My President is Black, my Lambo’s blue,  we’ll be so sad when this is no longer true! 

We all know that the time of our beloved President Barack Obama in office is coming to an end, but this Facebook group just made it all too real!

When No.44 officially became Democratic nominee in 2008, rappers Young Jeezy and Nas recorded the song, “My President.”   It became a sensation within our community and overall a song worth rapping the lyrics to.

This FB group, organized by Ernest Wilkins, reminded us that today is the last day we can truthfully sing this song. Yes, we’re wiping away the tears too! The details of the group read:

I don’t like it. You don’t like it. Fact remains, on January 20th President Barack “Momma call him Barry, I’ma call him Barry” Hussein Obama will no longer be the President.

Because it’s our civic duty, I am inviting everyone in America to listen to Jeezy’s “My President” — his 2008 magnum opus that also features Nas because why not? — as many times as you physically can stand to do so. Put it on a playlist. Sing it as loud as you can. Blast it at your job, your home…hell, if you’re a teacher, play it in class and tell the principal you’re doing a civics lesson or something, I dunno.

Thank you and all the best. God Bless America.

Ernest Wilkins

So today, please do yourselves a favor and blast this song like there’s no tomorrow. This is the last time (hopefully not) we can confidently speak those words and hold our heads up with pride! Here’s the link for your listening pleasure: