OWN to Present ‘Tulsa’ Race Riot Mini-Series

The 1921 Tulsa Race Riots were tumultuous and devastating.

Known as one of the most deadliest times in American History, the riots were sparked by an angry collective of White people who attacked Blacks in Tulsa’s Greenwood district, an area popularly referred to as “The Black Wall Street.”

Over an 18-hour period, the nation’s wealthiest Black community was burned down, 35 city blocks were destroyed, 1200 homes were lost leaving 10,000 Black people homeless. Adding to the volatile devastation, more than 6,000 Blacks were arrested by police and between 55 to over 300 lives were fatally taken.

It’s a stain and heartbreaking memory often overlooked in history books. However, with poignant creatives and rich storytelling, the facts are never too far in the distance.

To shed light on the 1921 riots, Shadow & Act reports that the OWN Network has plans to develop a two-night mini-series tentatively titled, Tulsa, to share this story. Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer has been tapped for the lead role, which will focus on Mattie Clay, a Tulsa journalist who moved to Chicago to escape from racism and expand her career.

However, it’s no secret that when you run from your past, at some point, you have to return and face it all if you ever plan to move forward.

Further details about the mini-series have yet to be released. Check back for updates.

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