Preachers of LA: “Mending Hearts”

This weeks episode of Preachers of LA may have been the juiciest yet, with a side of Myesha we’ve never seen, a heartfelt apology, and a potential proposal?

Let’s dive right in:

Are Bishop Jones & Loretta engaged? 

Remember when Bishop Noel Jones took some time away from Loretta to clear his head, blah, blah, blah? Well, he went to the doctor this week, because even he had to admit that he wasn’t feeling well, mentally. The doctor basically told him to slow down and spend more time with people who love him. Well lookie lookie, didn’t Bishop Jones admit that the only person who came to mind was… Loretta. Smh. Bishop Noel drops his pride (almost) and gives Loretta a visit at work. He gives an entire spiel about how he’s missed her, the doctor’s orders, and asks her to be in his life. Loretta says she has to think about it. Okay, was I the only one lost? Loretta, Loretta, Loretta. *sigh* You told Bishop Noel that you weren’t going to make it easy for him, but you didn’t get any clarity. How does he want you in his life? If just for a friend, well haven’t you been doing that already? For 16 years at that? Are we missing something? Or is this the way older, classy and sophisticated people low-key get engaged? Let me find out 🙂

Deitrick’s Family Finally Accepts Dominique, But…

Whew. Lord knows we’ve been going through it with Deitrick. From divorce, to falling, to an entire new family, it looks like things are finally coming together for him. In this week’s episode Deitrick and Dominique finally let the cat out of the bag, revealing to his parents that they’re already married. The Haddons were actually fine with it, and Deitrick’s mom even apologized to Dominique for acting all stank to her when she got pregnant (as if she impregnated herself). However, Deitrick’s father refuses to put him back into his rightful place as a minister. Deitrick tried explaining to his dad that he’s gotten things right with the Lord, married, and is better. Daddy wasn’t having it. HE has to be the one to restore Deitrick. Wow. Dear Mr. Haddon: The veil was ripped from the top to the bottom. Man no longer has to go through a priest for forgiveness, but has direct access to God. You didn’t read that in Matthew 27:51?

Did the First Lady Twerk?

First Lady Myesha Chaney had a mouthful to say about tattoos, but she busted some borderline moves while performing at the Gospel Fest in this weeks episode. She better be careful before she ends up sinning 0_o. It was actually cute, and you can tell she was simply having a good time praising God. Tell Miley to beat that, lol, I kid 🙂

Next week is the season finale!!! I can’t wait to see the Deitrick’s & Dominique’s wedding. Will Bishop Jones finally put a ring on it? We shall see! Catch me on twitter as I live tweet the foolery. It’s going down.


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