Preachers of Detroit Season Premiere

As the first major city to file for bankruptcy, it is no secret that Detroit has undergone harsh blows as it fights to restore what it once was — a mobilizing metropolis with a quality and quantifiable working class.

As people look to each other, they are also turning to spiritual and religious leaders to guide Detroit out of the darkness.

That’s where the Preachers of Detroit come into play. In challenging scenarios, Oxygen’s new series, a spin off of the successful Preachers of L.A., brings an edge to the dynamics of church and community.

Amid organizing for social justice in the streets of downtown Detroit, the seven cast members also battle with a range of inner-church topics such as the woman’s role in the church and the ongoing conversation surrounding a preacher’s prosperity versus the congregation’s daily struggles.

Oxygen fused different and vibrant personalities with the Detroit-based franchise which continues to carry the themes of faith, family and friendships.

Cast Roll-Call:
Bishop Charles H.Ellis III is known across the country and has hosted various historical events and services including the funeral of civil rights activist Rosa Parks.

Pastor David Bullock, the firecracker of the group, is an activist. His outspoken approach to righting the wrongs of Detroit and his love for music attracts the young, but this youthful fervor may clash with other cast members. He’s an interesting draw.

Pastor Don William Shelby Jr. has expanded his congregation with three church locations and is currently working to build a mega-church. A music aficionado, his five children, known as gospel group “The Shelby 5,” have budding careers and live with their dad’s expectation they will resist temptation.

Bishop Corletta Vaughn is a prominent woman of faith who continues to fight and break gender barriers. She is currently the Senior Pastor of The Holy Ghost Cathedral and Chief Apostle to Go Tell It Evangelistic Ministry Worldwide.

Bishop Clarence Langston brings a controversial approach to ministry. All eyes are on him as he journeys to the top, attempting to move beyond exterior pressures, proving that ministry is his true life’s calling. The views and approach between Langston and Bullock may foresee some clashing.

Pastor Tim Alden heads the City of Praise Christian Church. A virgin in his early fifties, he left sunny L.A. and returned to his Detroit hometown with hopes that his brand of ministry — abstinence and purity — will influence positive change in the community.

Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole is a three-time Grammy Award-winner as part of the “The Clark Sisters.” Juggling a demanding music career and ministry for over 20 years, her priority has become working on her relationship with daughter, Nikki, and taking time for self.

Can these spiritual leaders bring light and progression to a city in despair and depression?

Get a glimpse of season one, below:

Preachers of Detroit premieres, Friday February 20, 8/7c on Oxygen.