Watch: ‘Power’ Trailer + Premiere Date

Power is making its season three entrance with a new trailer, premiere date, and a new time.

This time around, the stakes are higher, loyalty becomes tested now more than ever, and the grit of street life is pushed to another level.

This season, there’s a bounty on Ghost’s head, just as he’s ready to turn 100 percent legit. The embattled boss is hoping to make the club his life without having to moonlight as a notorious drug dealer.

But things are complicated.

Kanan is still plotting to take Ghost down; and Tommy isn’t feeling Ghost’s lifestyle change and is willing to take his former homeboy out for the sake of protecting what’s his.

Back in April, Starz hit the Interwebs with a teaser of the upcoming season and it amped up the anticipation. Now, in the new trailer, we see more of the storyline and dive into some of its revengeful dialogue.

In addition to the intense trailer, the Starz show switches from Saturday nights to Sunday and is set to premiere on July 17, at 9pm ET, with 10 hour-long episodes.

Watch the drama here.