President Barack Obama and the First Lady hosted a group of students and the cast of the popular Broadway musical production, Hamilton, for a day-long celebration of the arts in America.

The production, which gauged wide interest after a trimmed performance at the 2016 Grammys, captures the story of our nation’s Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. Adding modern appeal to the musical, the cast incorporates hip-hop, jazz, blues, rap and R&B, in an effort to bring various musical styles to the forefront while curating a lively history lesson.

Stamped with the social media tag #BAM4HAM, the festive day was filled with workshops, Q&A sessions and performances.

And of course, the students weren’t the only ones having a good time. POTUS shared more of his coolness by engaging in a freestyle in the Rose Garden with Hamilton star Lin Manuel Miranda.

POTUS tried to stump the entertainer with a stack of cards that Lin had to incorporate into his flow.

The nearly two-minute rap is every bit of entertaining and brings forth the realization that we’ll probably never see a President and First Lady as down to earth, about business, and in tuned as the Obamas.

Enjoy the clip!