Positive Vibes from 2-Year-Old DJ AJ

South African toddler, Oratilwe Hlongwane, may only be 2-years old, but his musical ambitions have already gained him a wide fan base with upward of 20,000 friends on Facebook, special appearances and even sponsorship deals, reports the NY Post.

While Oratilwe, known as DJ AJ, is still learning the concepts and pronunciation of words, his ear for music and song selection is already in advanced development and it all stemmed from an iPad app his father downloaded to nurture his own deejay aspirations.

At age one, AJ learned to manipulate sounds and repeat what he heard on the DJ application. Soon after, a video recording of him working his little fingers on professional mixing equipment went viral. Mall crowds and national attention put him and his parents in the spotlight.

Most have celebrated the youngster’s tremendously rare talent, but a slight wave of criticism also exist. Some have accused Oratilwe’s parents of abusing and profiting from their child. Oratilwe’s parents have dismissed those comments and said that their child will not be pressured to pursue a deejay career.

Watch DJ AJ master the tables: