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Porsha Williams: Housewife, Not a Princess

Kordell Stewart had the final word in his marriage, and divorce.

My jaw dropped when I heard that Porsha Williams was walking away without a dime after two years of marriage to the former NFL player, who is still a multi-millionaire.

It seems that not having a pre-nuptial agreement actually backfired on her.

Isn’t this a common story? A woman gets swept off her feet by a rich man, her Prince Charming, who vows to keep her happy and take care of forever…which translates until he’s done with her! Porsha isn’t the only member of the Real Housewives brand dealing with this. If you watch Real Housewives of New York, you know that Sonja Morgan received less than she expected when she divorced from her very senior husband, John Morgan, a descendant of J.P. Morgan.

Sadly, both stories are reminders that being a princess — unless born into a royal family — is purely fairytale fodder. As a wife, you are still responsible for your future. No, let me rephrase that, as a woman you are always responsible for your future. Holding the title of wife doesn’t insulate you from anything. If anything, it only ties you to whatever foolishness your spouse commits. Moreover, it is your job to ensure that before and during a marriage you handle your financial business.

Here are some missteps that crippled poor Porsha. Don’t let it happen to you:

1. Bad credit. It’s great to have someone swoop in and pay your bills, but it can’t undue the harm on your fiscal reputation. A low credit score — or owing the IRS — makes it easy for a partner to say it’s not advantageous to have you on a mortgage, which many will leverage to saying you don’t own the house. (Note: a mortgage is different from a deed, you can typically be on the latter even if you aren’t responsible for the former.)

2. No joint accounts. Make sure your name is on all major accounts, including insurance. You should also know your family’s debt. You can be held liable for his/her bills if accrued during marriage.

3. Get a damn prenup. We see that not having one can hurt you!

4. Have a stash. Shopping is great, but if you’re not buying stuff that you can resell on eBay, it’s a waste.