Who Should Play Olivia Pope’s Mother on Scandal?

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AP Photo


The season three premiere of ABC’s Scandal was filled with tense and memorable moments. Namely, Olivia Pope’s (Kerry Washington) father Rowan (Joe Morton) going in on his daughter for not only being promiscuous, but being publicly outted as the President of the United States’ mistress.

While that juicy exchange was a highlight for many, there’s one part of the father-daughter conversation that may have gone under the radar for most fans gladiators. Olivia gave mention of her mother, who was later revealed to have died when she was a little girl. But despite Mama Pope’s (alleged, because you never know what’s real in Shonda Rhimes’ scandalous world) demise, it got us thinking about who would be the ideal actress to play Olivia’s mother if there were a flashback sequence. Here are’s top contenders.

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