Poll: Is Chris Brown a Mix of Tupac & MJ?

There have been a lot of Chris Brown comparisons since he stepped on the scene a decade ago, but we haven’t heard one quite like Nick Cannon’s.

The producer hopped on Instagram to equate Breezy to both Michael Jackson and Tupac. In the photograph he posted, the three men are represented in an equation where “MJ plus 2 Pac equals CB.”

Cannon went on to praise the “Liquor” singer in the caption, stating, “…Think about how much everyone attacked MJ and 2Pac while they were alive… I don’t think I have ever witnessed someone more gifted, who has overcome so much and still growing and learning daily.”

It is unclear why the America’s Got Talent host decided to boast about the R&B crooner, but we want to know what you think about his bold statement. Take our poll below.