Who Should Play the Lead in Chocolate City?

Ladies (and some gents), the movie you’ve all been waiting for is coming soon!

If you saw 2012’s Magic Mike and were left a bit disappointed not only in the plot, but the lack of diversity, then you’ll love Chocolate City.

Billed as the “Black Magic Mike,” Chocolate City focuses on the urban male stripper world. The movie, which will include Michael Jai White as the club owner and Tyson Beckford as the club’s main performer, will be directed by Jean-Claude LaMarre.

According to LaMarre, the movie has been in the works for the last two years; however, the lead–a college student struggling to make money–hasn’t been cast yet.

We’re not sure when Chocolate City is scheduled to hit theaters, but we have a few guys in mind who could play the role of Devin aka Mr. Sexy College Student…


Michael B. Jordan

We think he has the vulnerability, charm and looks to pull it off.

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