Petition to Cancel Adult Swim’s ‘Black Jesus’

Aaron McGruder, former writer of The Boondocks, has always found a sly and provocative way to bring social issues to the forefront. But his latest venture Black Jesus has caused such an outcry from objectors that they want the show cancelled before it even airs.

Last week, the trailer for the upcoming Adult Swim series, which follows the titled character roaming around Compton spreading love, was released. The teaser describes the comedy as “the most anticipated comeback in history” and shows the religious figure cursing and talking about smoking marijuana.

Well, followers of the Christian faith are offended and created a petition in an attempt to prevent the program from hitting airwaves.

“The show mocks Christianity and Jesus Christ. People’s religions should not be blasphemed on television. Adult Swim and the creators of this absurd show should understand that one’s religion is not something you joke about especially in such a disgraceful manner as this,” reads a statement on the site.

Starring newcomer Gerald “Slink” Johnson, John Witherspoon and Charlie Murphy, the show is set to debut August 7 at 11 p.m. ET.

Check out the trailer below, and take our poll!