Folks are Mad at PETA…Again and Here’s Why

Well, PETA is at it again and people are upset about it.

In their continued efforts to steer people away from meat to embrace a vegan lifestyle, the pro-animal organization released another PSA where women take on the emotional state of animals. Yeah, you read that correctly.

This time, however, some feel the message may have gone a bit too far.

With a caption that reads: No mother should have to go through any of this, the one-minute, 10 second video showcases women making statements such as:

“One man held me down”  as another voice expresses “While another touched me.” 

Adding another disturbing layer to this message is how the company is seemingly equating animal rape to human rape.

The PSA isn’t going over so well and social media didn’t bother to hold back their thoughts and opinions on the video.