“Pebbles” Daughter Ashley Reid Threatens Chilli

Looks like some serious ugly drama brewing after the airing of the highly anticipated TLC story. Apparently Pebbles went into a frenzy threatening to sue VH1 if they didn’t change her portrayal and her daughter, backing her up, took to Twitter during the premiere to say what’s on her mind.

Ashley Reid, producer and photographer, let it be known that she felt the movie’s portrayal of her mother was completely wrong and it was “meant to entertain,” and not based on a true story. Taking it a step further, she then directs her attention to ‘Chilli’ with a tweet stating, “I cannot WAIT to see you around honey!”

Worsening matters, the young lady went on her brother’s Internet radio show and brought it with quips like this one, cited in Madame Noire.

We know this is her mother she is defending, but what you think? Do you think she has gone too far?  Or is she just blowing off steam.